Enigma Chamber Opera

The Impresario

or We Get Locked Down but We Get Up Again or Live from the Meta

by W.A. Mozart

Sir Nick Hall, The Impresario
Simon Robson
‘Boo’ Bluff
David Kravitz
Judas Angel
Matthew DiBattista
Natasha Goldentrill
Katrina Galka
Angela Silverpeal
Deborah Selig
W.A. Mozart
Simon Robson
Kirsten Z Cairns
Maja Tremiszewska
Music Director
Matthew DiBattista
Costume Design
Rebecca Butler
Media Design and Production
Peter A Torpey
Kirsten Z Cairns


As this multi-layered show begins, we meet actor Simon. He has been hired to appear in an online production during lockdown, to play the role of ‘Sir Nick Hall’, an impresario—who is trying to work out how to make an online production during lockdown. Simon and fellow performer David get the piece going, as ‘Bluff’ and Sir Nick discuss options. They hit on the idea of creating a show which is about the act of endeavouring to create a show under such restrictions—and so the layers build…

Singers Matt, Katrina and Deborah join the cast, and their alter egos navigate the issues, as they explore how the piece might work; meanwhile the performers themselves grapple with what it means to be an artist, especially in such times. Finally it all seems to be coming together, and even our cynical Sir Nick Hall feels hopeful—but events conspire against him, and the moment for such a show has passed. The rest of the cast are jubilant at the prospect of a return to normal life, but Sir Nick is left despondent, as his project evaporates. Back in the ‘real world’, Simon too finds that life has taken a turn for the worse. What a rollercoaster 2020 has been.

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